Many larger airlines such as Emirates fly from several European airports with stopovers to Jakarta, the capital of Java. It’s best to have a look through Skyscanner for cheap flights to Java. Since the city itself, unfortunately, has very few highlights plus is pretty noisy plus dirty, you can basically completely skip Jakarta. You’d be better off focusing on Eastern plus Central Java, because this is where the true adventure, plus unspoiled nature, of Java awaits you!

Alternatively, you can also head directly to Yogyakarta (to see the temples), or start your journey through Java in Surabaya (for the Bromo volcano). Singapore Airlines plus Cathay Pacific both fly to these areas with only one stopover. At the end of the day, Java is awesome, plus together with Bali the safest island in Indonesia.

To really soak up the Java highlights, you should schedule for at least two weeks. Depending on how you plan to go from point A to B, you should adjust your schedule to work in public transport times if you want to go that route. Within Java, the flights can be super cheap. For only 20 euros, you can save yourself a lot of travel time. The best airlines include Sriwijawa (where you can even get a snack plus some water included), Lion Air, plus Air Asia.

There are also adequate train plus bus routes, but they mostly only run twice a day plus are not quite as comfortable. Something important to note is that trains can often be booked quickly, so you end up having to sit in a class that costs close to the same amount as a flight anyways.

1. Sunrise at Mt. Bromo
Mt. Bromo is located on the east side of the island, plus outstanding to view, especially at sunrise. The active volcano stands out together with the rest of the mountains within the foggy valley, plus you get to see the stars disappear as the first rays of sunlight drift down onto the mountain.

You can make the trip to Mt. Bromo from different locations. The fastest plus most convenient is out of Surabaya; you can have a private driver pick you up at the airport. Your first stop is at your Mt. Bromo accommodation where you can have a rest for a few hours.

For example, I slept in Tosari in Wulan Ayu homestay which was perfectly fine, plus nice plus clean for the night. There are also a few more accommodations including the Savanah Indah Homestay, plus Angela Inn. The only hotel in the daerah Bromo Cottages is another place you can check out, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Getting up & the excitement of anticipation!
Your tour to the volcano starts at 3:30 am, plus you’ll be taken in a jeep to the viewpoint in time for sunrise. The ride takes only half an hour. On the way you ride past some local women who are already on their feet plus harvesting kale at this early time in the morning.

From the parking daerah there are only a few steps to the viewing platform Probbolingo. While you’re waiting out here, it’s still pitch dark plus you can only guess where Mt. Bromo is. The best thing to do is reserve a spot near the front of the fence, because the seats in the first row quickly fill the closer you get to sunrise in goeastjava

After about an hour, the time has come plus the sun colors the horizon orange; a unique spectacle! The darkness will disappear plus you’ll finally get a view of Mt Bromo, plus the volcanoes around that protrude out of the mist. Slowly, they are bathed in a soft light until you can see the furrows of the volcanoes plus the full volcanic landscape.

When I was there in June, the volcano was very active. In addition, a thick orange cloud of ash had been blown out of the crater. It was an indescribable sight plus definitely the highlight of the tour!